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“I am very satisfied with the results, the procedure was very good. Dr. Perez explained the procedure thoroughly with all the details of it. The doctors and staff that were in the room with me during the procedure were cooperative and caring.”

C. V., Glendale, CA.

“When I went to get my legs looked at, I was examined by Dr. Perez, He explained the process of the procedure in detail. I loved the way he treated me, he is unique and made me feel welcomed. Also I felt like I was one of his family members; not a patient. The process of the surgery was fast and painless.The Doctors and staff were caring. I went in and out; The recovery was fast and I can say that I do not feel any more the pressure and pain in my legs.”

U.E., Temple City, CA.

“As a physician in Orange County, what else can I possibly say about my phenomenal experience with Dr. Dario Perez of Varicose Vein Surgeons. Not only have I undergone laser vein treatment with Dr. Perez, but I have also sent family members for treatment and currently have numerous patients scheduled for consultation. I was in awe of the painless ease with which my severe varicose veins were removed. A vast difference compared to the old painful stripping surgeries of the past. My procedure was not only very effective and painless, but done quickly under local anesthetic. What a relief knowing that no risky general anesthesia is required. By the next day I was already able to return to my very busy schedule where I am on my feet constantly. It is wonderful to finally be able wear shorts again! I recommend Dr. Perez – Varicose Vein Surgeons without reservation to anyone tired of unsightly painful veins.”

Kenneth A. Kazenelson MD

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