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Five Star Review

I was impressed the minute I stepped into the spa like atmosphere of the office. The staff has been wonderful, sensitive, and very helpful in billing my insurance to guarantee payment. I am 64 years old and no stranger to vein treatments. I have suffered many stripings and injections. This has been the best experience yet.

C. V., Glendale, CA.

Five Star Review

When I went to get my legs looked at, I was examined by Dr. Perez, He explained the process of the procedure in detail. I loved the way he treated me, he is unique and made me feel welcomed. Also I felt like I was one of his family members; not a patient. The process of the surgery was fast and painless.The Doctors and staff were caring. I went in and out; The recovery was fast and I can say that I do not feel any more the pressure and pain in my legs.

U.E., Temple City, CA.

Five Star Review

As a physician in Orange County, what else can I possibly say about my phenomenal experience with Dr. Perez. Not only have I undergone laser vein treatment with Dr. Perez, but I have also sent family members for treatment and currently have numerous patients scheduled for consultation.

Kenneth A. Kazenelson MD